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Long Beach Lifeguard Association
A w a r d   o f   R e c o g n i t i o n

Plaque presented by President Dirk Crawford at the 
2007 Lifeguard Hall of Fame Dinner

Donna Griggs tireless efforts in support of the Long Beach Lifeguard Association have been instrumental in making our events a success. Her innovative ideas for the Long Beach Lifeguard Centennial Celebration in the areas of fundraising, marketing, advertising and sponsorship helped to make this a memorable event.  She continues to support the Long Beach Lifeguard Association's efforts to promote Lifeguarding and our commitment to giving back to the community.

Board of Directors
Long Beach
Lifeguard Association

August 10, 2007

36 x 48 Thesis Poster
Masters Thesis  36 x 48 Poster Presentation 2015

Photo Feedback

"Thank you, merci, merci beaucoup . . . Your pictures really captured the spirit of our championship and were enjoyed by all and many of us got to meet a great lady! You are such a pleasure to be around and we all hope you can do this again for us next year. Thanks again."

                                                      -- Richard Somers 

                                                         2008 National Harbor 20 Fleet Championship Chair

"Many, many thanks to you for the wonderful pictures you took of our fleet and for the pictures of Benny, et al, as well.  We really do appreciate them and you for doing it! . . . Thank you so much again!"
                                                    -- Lee, Hollie, and Benny Sutherland
                                                         Newport Harbor Yacht Club

"My husband loved the photos.  He was absolutely surprised.  He took some of the pics to work and people commented that he had a young wife!  Thanks for making me look so glamorous. Thank you. Thank you."

                                                     -- Majella Maas
                                                         Alpha Gamma Delta

"Great Stuff!!!  You seem to have the knack of catching people in the right mood and setting, you are a people photographer, that means Photojournalism is for you. Awesome, thank you for sharing. I really do appreciate your friendship, I know few if any people that are more happy and enthusiastic with life, thank you my dear for being that way."

                                                      -- Thomas McConville

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