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Older adult volunteers in front of tropical mural at Long Beach Senior Center
Masters thesis with 36 x 48 poster currently on display at Long Beach Fire Headquarters
Gerontology Poster Presentation
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older adult volunteers in front of tropical mural at Long Beach Senior Center
Volunteers at Long Beach Senior Center
   City of Long Beach 
   Department of Heath & Human Services
    -  Strategic Plan for Older Adults Task Force - Long Beach Fire Department 
    -  Graphic design & photography

Portfolio Artist Statement

Passion and purpose, reflection; rhythm and balance, introspection; revision and the power to inspire, motivate, and change--art, to me, is all of this and more.


My exploration of two-dimensional (2-D) line led to this series of pen and ink drawings that use a variety of line qualities and techniques, from calligraphic to cross hatching. The next image features black paper on white to demonstrate the results of an enhanced problem-solving approach using the lessons learned from geometric shapes--once I let go and allowed them to teach. Further working with the shapes led to a better understanding of contours, scale, placement, variety, alignment, positive/negative relationship, emphasis, rhythm, balance, and movement, along with self-revelation. A simple problem-solving technique of turning the image yields a different perspective lending new light, inspiration, and reflection.


This is further exemplified quite literally in the subsequent four-by-four pen and ink compositions which are designed to stand alone and collectively interact in sets of four mirrored images, yielding many permutations. These renderings are further representative of 2-D lessons being learned in composition, understructure, overlapping/layering, and use of negative space as well as variation of line, pattern, texture, value, balance, focal point, and direction/movement.


The creative process employed through these works led to a better understanding and greater appreciation of beauty in structure, as well as the symmetry in nature and newfound observations. Select portfolio works showcased an application of these reflections. Emerging lessons are often combined with photography and graphic design to best reflect clients and their missions, both local and global. 


Concurrent studies in analytical and critical writing, two-dimensional art, and economics led to the discovery of another purposeful passion: research. The documentation in the collaborative report by the OTIS College of Design and the Los Angeles Economic Development Committee (2009) spoke volumes about the value of art. Specific and overlapping examples demonstrated art's integral role--currently and historically--in local and global economics through a Southern California focus.


Art has fueled my passion for learning, world travel experience, technology, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and application of newfound insights into the role of art in problem solving. Art continues to inspire my reading, writing, the way I look at the world, and how to best serve others.

The creative process has proven cathartic for me and yielded an even deeper appreciation of faith in action; the value of process--both learning and creative--and the power of change. Art is a powerful tool, an ever-present instrument of expression with the ability to reflect, explore, motivate, stimulate, sedate, liberate, celebrate, educate, inspire, heal, change, and endure. 


                                          - Donna M. Griggs

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