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DMG Design
provides community relations services to municipalities, agencies, and business organizations that have a need to enhance their management and service delivery. DMG utilizes a solutions-based approach to formulate programs to meet each individual client's objectives. In many cases, the solution will include the use of older adults as volunteers to promote, educate, and serve as spokesperson for the client.

DMG offers extensive experience in marketing, communications, and community service, including more than a quarter century experience in public education, public information, and volunteerism leadership. The founding of the award-winning Long Beach Fire Ambassador program in 1991 and successful launch of Ambassadors for the City of Long Beach Water Department and National
Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration are behind the origins of DMG. Both programs went on to grow and continue to thrive with older adult volunteers as representatives of their respective departments and the City of Long Beach -- well beyond their scheduled hours. DMG leadership roots are in Long Beach, the nation's most diverse city, having served in a variety of leadership roles with the American Cancer Society, Kids Motorsports Education, SCAN Foundation, California State Firefighters Association, Lions International, Harbor Area Dragstrip Corporation, Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity, American Legion Yacht Club, Sigma Phi Omega, and California State University College of Health & Human Services. 

Key DMG clients served include Long Beach Community Hispanic Association (Centro CHA), City of Long Beach Mayor Beverly O'Neill, Long Beach Cares, Long Beach Firefighters Association, Long Beach Lifeguards and Alumni Association, Boy Scouts of America Long Beach Area Council, Long Beach Search and Rescue, City of Long Beach Senior Strategic Action Plan, Partners of Parks Commission on Youth and Children, Small Business Development Corporation, Friends of Long Beach Animals, Harbor 20 Association, Long Beach City College Lifetime Learning Center, and City of Long Beach Department of Health & Human Services.  

Products and Services

DMG Design offers a range of customized solutions that may include an award-winning Ambassador Program for select agencies, organizations, and corporations.

Products include customized industry media templates, in addition to Ambassador apparel and accessories.
Menu of services includes and is not limited to custom graphic design, photography, PowerPoint presentation and documentation templates, recruitment materials, and public speaking.

Benefits of using DMG Design

      • Enhanced management & service delivery

      • Vertical boost to employee morale

      • Proven program design

      • Targeted brand exposure

      • Effective community outreach  

      • Multicultural awareness and experience -- including Disability culture

      • Improved organizational & community disaster preparedness

      • Gerontology training & leadership experience

      • Increased return on your investment

      • Lump-sum payments connected to benchmarks

You may also want to visit  Events & Tips  and  Volunteer  pages for community connection ideas with helpful hands-on resources in the  Document Library.  Feel free to share.

DMG Design
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